Sales for Survivors

10% or more of sales on the day of their choosing in October! Make sure to shop or dine at these businesses to support our community members with breast and gynecologic cancer. Scroll down to see a list of special One-Day Events as well as Month-Long Sales for Survivors events! You can also find links to download these calendars at the bottom of the page. 

Sales for Survivors Participants

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Day Title City Linksort descending
12 Fin-N-Feather Pet Shop Eureka
7 Good Relations Eureka
14 Miller Farms Nursery McKinleyville
3 Plaza Grill Arcata
4 Multipure Water Filters
20 Ramone's Cafe and Bakery McKinleyville
20 Ramone's Cafe and Bakery Eureka
20 Ramone's Cafe and Bakery Arcata
6 Soul to Soul Spa and Foot Bar Arcata
12 The Alibi Arcata
13 Tranquility Lane Flowers Garberville
13 Lighthouse Grill Trinidad
25 Abruzzi Arcata
12 Brick and Fire Bistro Eureka
21 Ferndale Clothing Co. Ferndale
28 Chumayo Spa Blue Lake
7 Claudia's Organic Herbs Arcata
20 Heart Bead Arcata
17 Humboldt Cider Co. Tap Room Eureka
6 Linden & Co. Salon & Spa Eureka
10 Lost Coast Brewery Cafe Eureka
6 Plaza: Be Inspired Arcata
6 Scrapper's Edge Eureka
7 Scrapper's Edge Eureka
23 Signature Coffee Co. Redway
24 Banana Hut Grill Eureka
7 The Garden Gate Arcata
7 Ciara's Irish Shop Eureka
7 Garden of Beadin' Garberville
17 Adventure's Edge Arcata
17 Adventure's Edge Eureka
7 Bubbles Arcata
7 All Under Heaven Arcata
7 Arcata Exchange Arcata
27 Arcata Scoop Arcata
7 Art Center Arcata
9 Beachcomber Cafe Trinidad
13 Beachcomber Cafe Bayside
7 Belle Starr Arcata
7 Belle Starr Eureka
5 Blossoms Florist Eureka
7 Blue Moon Gift Shop Garberville
7 Booklegger Eureka
7 Caravan of Dream Arcata
4 The Diver Bar and Grill Eureka
6 Dutch Bros. Eureka
7 Fabric Temptations Arcata
7 Here & There & Vintage Eureka
7 Hot Knots Arcata
15 Moonstone Grill Trinidad
6 Stars Eureka
13 Stars Arcata
7 Plaza Shoe Shop Arcata
26 Surfside Burger Shack Eureka
7 The Shanty Eureka
10 The Big Blue Cafe Arcata
13 Ultimate Yogurt Arcata
7 Whiplash Curve Eureka
7 Holly Yashi Arcata
7 Humboldt Herbals Eureka
19 It's Alive Kombucha Bayside
7 The Linen Closet Eureka
7 Yarn Eureka