Each person's cancer experience is unique.  Despite these differences, people with cancer have a lot of in common and there are treatment guidelines which are being updated as new knowledge becomes available.  We are here for you to help you through the emotional ups and downs, as well as sorting through the technical language that comes along with a cancer diagnosis.  All BGHP's support and information services are free-of-charge.

We offer a variety of support groups with people who are at various stage of treatment and post-treatment.

A Chemotherapy Handout  with tips for local patients with breast cancer

A Radiation Therapy and Gynecologic Cancer Handout with tips for local patients with gynecologic cancer 

We have also created a Radiation Therapy and Breast Cancer Handout with tips for local patients with breast cancer

Check out information about our Breast Nest resources

What is Consultation Planning or Medical Visit Preparation and how might it help you?

We use internet resources a lot to help patients get answers to their questions.  The websites we find most useful are on these webpages.  

BGHP's volunteers and staff are available to help you with each step.