Financial Information

The Breast and GYN Health Project's governing Board of Directors carefully stewards the many donations and contributions from our organization's supporters.  Your contribution supports the Breast and GYN Health Project's work as our community resource for those facing breast or gynecologic cancers, including such services as support groups, practical help, and medical visit preparation.

As a non-profit organization, our financial information is reported annually to the Internal Revenue Service via the Form 990.  A copy of that report is available at the bottom of this page.  We aim for strong management and transparency which has resulted in BGHP consistently earning Guidestar's Platinum level of non-profit certification.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Organization:
How much of your expenses go to Programs?  In 2023, 70% of our expenses went to fund our Programs, and the majority was in wages followed by rent/electricity, etc.   Only 5% went to administration and 25% went to fundraising.  Because we do not charge for our services, fundraising is essential to support the Programs.

Where does your funding come from?  In 2023, more than 83% of our finding came from donations from our generous community and our fundraising events, the other 17% came from grants.  We do not receive funding, nor are we eligible to receive funding, from the large cancer organizations such as American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, Komen, etc., with the exception of a grant from the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Frisco, Texas has funded breast health navigation.  Most of the large cancer organizations do not have an avenue through which we can apply to receive funding for our rural area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Giving:
Is my gift tax deductible?  The answer is that it depends on the gift. You will need to check with your tax professional to determine some of this information.  The IRS is very clear that monetary gifts for which the donor does not receive anything in exchange (including raffle tickets) are tax deductible.  When items or professional services are donated, then we cannot provide specific tax deductible information, you will need to work with your tax professional regarding IRS regulations.  Also, if you are part of an event which is created to benefit BGHP, but monies are given to the third party, not directly to BGHP, then we are not able to provide you with proof of a tax deductible gift because the gift was given to a third party.  For more information, please feel free to contact our Executive Director.  We appreciate your support and really appreciate your tax deductible gifts.

Is my on-line gift secure?  Yes, we use Network for Good as our on-line donation processor.  Their system is a highly reputable secure on-line giving platform.

Will my personal information be sold or traded?  No, we never sell or trade information about any one of our donors.  Your information is private and confidential.

For additional information, feel free to contact our Executive Director, Rose Gale-Zoellick, with any questions at 707-825-8345 x-110.

Files are provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.