Vision and Mission


Every member of our North Coast community will have access to a seamless network of care and feel supported and empowered when facing a breast or gynecologic cancer concern.


The Breast and GYN Health Project is a grassroots community resource for those facing breast or gynecologic cancer concerns.

We promote healthy survivorship through information, hope, and healing support, while encouraging each person to become their own best medical advocate.

We advocate within our community to address breast and gynecologic cancer concerns responsibly and holistically.

We are cancer survivors and support persons healing through service and bearing witness to others.

Guiding Principles

  • Kindness is our core value.
  • We value the individual process; we nourish hope; we witness our priorities and challenge each other toward growth while making room for uncertainty and the transformation of suffering into wisdom.
  • We promote healthy survivorship through honesty in our presentation of information.
  • We seek to reduce unnecessary suffering, fear and trauma. We honor each client's process and choices with individualized care and respect. We listen and respond with compassion.
  • The experience of wanting to be cured is equal in importance to the need to be healed and informs all that we do.
  • We blend patient advocacy and the wounded healer model. We acknowledge and share our personal woundedness and experience. We witness the possibility of wholeness and create the opportunity for clients to wonder and to realize their innate healing abilities.
  • We value each person's unique story.
  • We commit to remembering our grassroots origin with the opportunistic expansion of our services. As we bring together the grassroots and institutional energies, expertise and compassion, we truly create a network of treatment, support and healing.
  • We are dedicated to achieving a higher service standard of care by redefining the patient experience of breast and gynecologic cancer to one which supports health and healing.
  • We collaborate with other organizations and healthcare providers to build upon each other's strengths in order to make the most effective use of our resources.
  • We value the therapeutic relationship by serving as a resource of support to the medical community.
  • We provide an atmosphere of hope and healing through an environment which is safe, warm, and welcoming.
  • The open circle is our structure. Our circle is ever-expanding, invites others in, and is capable of letting go when friends feel the need to move on.
  • Though we focus on breast health and breast cancer we provide access to information and support to all.
  • We seek to identify barriers to care and to equalize access for all.
  • We are committed to keeping our services free.
  • We endeavor to live and to serve consciously in the present moment.