Caregivers and Families

If you are helping someone you care about who is facing a cancer diagnosis or going through cancer treatment, then you are a caregiver.  Sometimes the person with cancer is not interested in working the Breast and GYN Health Project, but we may be able to assist you as a support person.

The Breast and GYN Health Project has a great lending library of information which is helpful to both cancer patients and caregivers.  Over the years we have learned from clients about tips and resources that may be helpful to people going through the caregiving experience.  We have compiled a list of resources for families, particularly those with children.

Here are a few web resources:

  • The American Cancer Society's Caregiver Resources
  • The National Cancer Institute's Caregiver Resources
  • Some cancer patients and their support people find it helpful to use "Caring Bridge" as a centralized point of communication to/from people they care about.  It allows the patient and caregivers to control when and how information is communicated.  It creates a place where people who care about you can send their messages of love and support.  Since the website is available at your convenience you can see the messages whenever you like.  Here's a link to Caring Bridge.
  • A website similar to Caring Bridge is Lots a Helping Hands.  This website enables the users to coordinate activities (e.g., people volunteering to prepare and deliver meals) as well as communicate.

Several years ago, in the Winter 2003 issue of our "Amazon Warrior Newsletter" featured an article with useful hints about what to say and what not to say when someone has cancer.  Here's a link to that article What to Say - Do's and Don'ts.