Healthy Survivorship

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.

Find peaceful places in your day and focus on the important things in your life.

Take more time for your creative side. Draw, paint, sing, create!

Find a fun way to exercise daily. Walking is good!

Keep track of your health by using a Survivorship Care Plan.  There are a couple of on-line sites we thought had useful Survivorship Care Plan templates.  The first is Livestrong's Survivorship Care Plan and the second is ASCO's (American Society of Clinical Oncology) Survivorship Care Plan.

Bird watching...

Dancing... (the Mambo!)

Increase your fluid intake.

Incorporate more organic and whole foods in your diet.

Reach out to others - Consider volunteer opportunities at the Breast and GYN Health Project.


Questions and Comments

For questions and comments about healthy survivorship, please call us at (707) 825-8345.