Metastatic Cancer

Living With Advanced Cancer

Metastatic Cancer (Stage 4 Breast Cancer and other cancers).  These are cancers which have spread (metastacized) to other parts of the body.  Cancer treatments have progressed, so there are often many options for people diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

People facing advanced stage cancers are faced with many decisions and are challenged with how to live with uncertainty.  We can help, we have resources and experience to support living a full life alongside these challenges.  For many people with advanced cancer, they are now living so much longer that in many instances it has been labeled a chronic disease.  The following programs support people with metastatic disease on their journey:

Advanced Support Group
Gynecologic Cancer Support Group
Lending Library
Information Specialist - a volunteer who can conduct specialized internet searches for topics of interest (including clinical trials)

Our website also has links to websites we use regularly that you may find helpful.

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