Newly Diagnosed

We are here for you.  We know that when people hear the words "you have cancer" they may feel overwhelmed.  Most of us have "been there" having been diagnosed with cancer ourselves.  We are here to support your decisions, provide information, connect you to resources and be a helpful listener.

Many people choose to call us to explore what kind of support and resources might be available for them. Often people find they can take advantage of more of the resources available when they drop in to our friendly, welcoming house on the corner of 8th and J Streets (beside the Co-Op) in Arcata.  Whether you prefer one-to-one support or might appreciate tips and support from a group of people who are experiencing similar diagnoses, we are here for you.

If you are newly diagnosed with metastatic cancer, please visit our Metastatic Cancer page on this website.

Please call us at 707-825-8345 to see how we can help.  You will be assisted by one of our compassionate warmline volunteers or staff, many who are cancer survivors themselves or have been a support person to someone with cancer.

Drop-in or make an appointment at our office in Arcata.  Drop-in when the Warmliners are available from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. or make an appointment for a time of your convenience.

How We Can Help You Take The Next StepOur Experience Client Services Team
  • Explain your pathology report
  • Orient you to our lending library
  • Find appropriate resources to address
    your medical questions
  • Explain standard treatment guidelines
  • Team of Warmline volunteers
  • Madelin Amir, RN, Co-Client Services Director
  • Brenda Elvine-Kreis, Co-Client Services Coordinator
  • Mary Meengs, MD, Medical Consultant
  • Sandy Garcia, Latina Patient Navigator


Free of charge. Drop in or by appointment (707) 825-8345.

Information is the antidote to fear