We are here for you.  We can help you find and understand information about your diagnosis and treatment options.  Whether you have just been diagnosed, or are seeking wellness after treatment, our compassionate staff and volunteers will be with you every step of the way.  This page will help guide you to the most relevant Programs and Services based on your immediate needs.

Network of Care

The Project promotes a seamless network of community support including medical providers, hospitals, and other community organizations willing to offer the human hand to promote health and healing.  We strive to create a new service standard in our community which addresses medical, emotional and practical needs, and improves the flow of communication with the patient and amongst the varying specialists involved.  All BGHP programs are free of charge.


Patient Navigator Program

Experienced medical professionals coordinate our Patient Navigator Program. Staff and trained volunteers serve as navigators, supporting and guiding clients and their support people through cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.  Services include referral for in-home assistance, financial aid, buddies for one-on-one support and assistance, and consultation planning which helps clients make the most of the patient/physician relationship.

Warmline Volunteers

Warmline volunters, who are themselves survivors or their support people, are available to listen, answer questions, and provide referrals.

Consultation Planning

In going to medical appointments, have you ever felt that:

  • forgot to ask all of your questions;
  • your fears or feelings interfered with your ability to ask questions;
  • you thought of the most important questions afteryour appointment?

Consultation Planning will help you through a step-by-step process to create an organized list of question for your next major medical appointment.  This will help you get the answers you need in order to be able to make good decisions.

Support Groups

Support groups provide emotional and social support for those newly diagnosed, those undergoing treatment, as well as those with post-treatment issues. The Project offers support groups focusing on breast cancer and gynecologic cancer.  A list of support groups is available on our Support Groups page.

Resource Library

An information library, containing the area's most extensive collection of topics on breast cancer and breast health issues, is available for public use.

Information Specialists

Volunteers are available to do requested research on breast health related issues, including individualized internet searches.

Educational Newsletter

The Project's educational newsletter provides in-depth articles on breast cancer, breast health, gynecologic cancer, and related issues.

Breast Forms & Wigs

The Project's breast forms and wigs closet contains breast forms, bras and other accessories for use after mastectomies and lumpectomies, as well as wigs for women experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Questions and Comments

For questions and comments about our services, please call us at (707) 825-8345.