Breast Forms and Wigs

A home for breast forms.

The Amazon Breast Nest closet contains breast forms, bras and other accessories for mastectomies and lumpectomies.  It is now possible for a client to become acquainted with options in a private setting either prior to or after surgery - allowing them the opportunity to learn what makes them most comfortable.  Because breast forms come in many styles and shapes it is very helpful to try different options before making a choice.

A home for wigs.

The Amazon Breast Nest closet also includes wigs for clients experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy.  We are grateful to Cate Holm and the wonderful staff at Kalos Salon for their efforts to shampoo, cut, style and care for the wigs.  Anyone who chooses to use one of these wigs is invited to have it cared for by the Kalos team at no cost.